Born in rural Indiana, raised in suburban Chicago, Phoenix in ’84, Boston in ’87, San Francisco and married in ’92, daughter in ’93, back to Boston and son in ’94, Pasadena and an internet startup in ’95, sold that, back to school in San Jose ’98, Charlotte in ’99 more school and volunteering, suburban Atlanta in ’02.

Since then…3 years elementary school media paraprofessional/computer support, where friends started asking for commissioned pieces, artistic director for school plays and ’04 staff member of the year. Refreshments chair for high school band boosters ’07-’09, props ’09 and ’10, ’09-’11 VP, Finance and Fundraising, high school band boosters, ’11 Senior Parent Award. Also…took painting, tai chi and ba gua classes, painted dozens of home interiors, played in a 30+ co-ed soccer league, and volunteered in the schools’ media centers and music programs.
’05-present, Artist, portraits, murals and decorative works on commission.
Although I have no degree, my drawing, art appreciation, gallery internship, and studio painting teachers, along with many other skilled craft and trade people have molded a life long student and Jill of all trades.
I was recently offered the opportunity to show my own work at a hip new local restaurant and am fortunate to have the opportunity to offer prints of a few pieces. I’m working on new pieces now!

Thanks for visiting my site. Contact me at melissa@melissapaule.com